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Privatizing Water

Governance Failure and the World's Urban Water Crisis
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Karen Bakker
Cornell University Press
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Water supply privatization was emblematic of the neoliberal turn in development policy in the 1990s. Proponents argued that the private sector could provide better services at lower costs than governments; opponents questioned the risks involved in delegating control over a life-sustaining resource to for-profit companies. Private-sector activity was most concentrated-and contested-in large cities in developing countries, where the widespread lack of access to networked water supplies was characterized as a global crisis.
Introduction: Privatization and the Urban Water CrisisPart I. Development, Urbanization, and the Governance of Thirst1. Governance Failure: Reframing the Urban Water Supply Crisis2. Material Emblems of Citizenship: Creating Public Water3. Watering the Thirsty Poor: The Water Privatization Debate4. Citizens without a City: The Techno-Politics of Urban Water GovernancePart II. Beyond Privatization: Debating Alternatives5. Protesting Privatization: Transnational Struggles over the Human Right to Water6. Commons versus Commodities: The Ambiguous Merits of Community Water-Supply Management7 Politics and Biopolitics: Debating Ecological GovernanceConclusion: Beyond PrivatizationNotesReferencesIndex

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