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The Worlds of Langston Hughes

Modernism and Translation in the Americas
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Vera M. Kutzinski
Cornell University Press
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The poet Langston Hughes was a tireless world traveler and a prolific translator, editor, and marketer. Translations of his own writings traveled even more widely than he did, earning him adulation throughout Europe, Asia, and especially the Americas. In The Worlds of Langston Hughes, Vera Kutzinski contends that, for writers who are part of the African diaspora, translation is more than just a literary practice: it is a fact of life and a way of thinking. Focusing on Hughes's autobiographies, translations of his poetry, his own translations, and the political lyrics that brought him to the attention of the infamous McCarthy Committee, she shows that translating and being translated-and often mistranslated-are as vital to Hughes's own poetics as they are to understanding the historical network of cultural relations known as literary modernism.
AcknowledgmentsChronology of Travels, Translations, and Other Key PublicationsAbbreviationsIntroduction. In Others' Words: Translation and SurvivalChapter 1, Nomad Heart: Heterolingual AutobiographyChapter 2. Southern Exposures: Hughes in SpanishChapter 3. Buenos Aires Blues: Modernism in the Creole CityChapter 4. Havana Vernaculars: The Cuba Libre ProjectChapter 5. Back in the USSA: Joe McCarthy's MistranslationsAfterword. America/América/AmericasAppendix: Spanish-language Translations of Hughes's WorksNotesBibliographyIndex

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