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A Tenant's Manual
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"It's impossible to grasp the whole planet or integrate all the descriptions of it. But because we live here, we have to try. This is not just an artistic compulsion or an existential yearning, still less an academic exercise. It's a survival issue. This is the only planet we have. We're stuck here, and we don't own the place-it would be the height of arrogance to assume that we do. We're tenants here, not owners, but we're tenants with hope for a long-term tenancy. We want to extend our lease just as far as we can."-from Earth: A Tenant's Manual
Part I. Earth Present: The Third Planet1. The Third Planet2. The Home Planet3. The Rocky Planet4. The Blue Planet5. The Veiled Planet6. The Hazardous Planet7. The Ancient Planet8. The Bountiful Planet9. The Finite PlanetPart II. Earth Past: The Changing Planet10. The Singular Planet11. The Uninhabitable Planet12. The Living Planet13. The Warming Planet14. The Polluted Planet15. The Crowded PlanetPart III. Earth Future: The Sustainable Planet16. The Sustainable Planet17. Water as Sustenance18. Air as Sustenance19. Soil as Sustenance20. Food as Sustenance21. Energy as Sustenance22. Materials as Sustenance23. Prospects for Sustenance24. Policies for SustenanceEpilogueRelated ReadingIndex

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