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Weapons of the Wealthy

Predatory Regimes and Elite-Led Protests in Central Asia
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Mass mobilization is among the most dramatic and inspiring forces for political change. When ordinary citizens take to the streets in large numbers, they can undermine and even topple undemocratic governments, as the recent wave of peaceful uprisings in several postcommunist states has shown. However, investigation into how protests are organized can sometimes reveal that the origins and purpose of "people power" are not as they appear on the surface. In particular, protest can be used as an instrument of elite actors to advance their own interests rather than those of the masses.
Introduction: Puzzles of People Power1. Institutional Uncertainty and Elite-Led Mobilization2. The View from Below: Communities as Sites for Collective Action3. The View from Above: State Influences on Elite Opportunities4. Linkages across Classes: The Development of Subversive Clientelism5. Mobilization in Rural Kyrgyzstan6. Elite Networks and the Tulip Revolution7. Assessing the Dynamics of Mobilization in Diverse ContextsConclusion: Political Economies, Hybrid Regimes, and Challenges to DemocratizationMethodological AppendixIndex

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