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Cornell ’69

Liberalism and the Crisis of the American University
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In April 1969, one of America's premier universities was celebrating parents' weekend-and the student union was an armed camp, occupied by over eighty defiant members of the campus's Afro-American Society. Marching out Sunday night, the protesters brandished rifles, their maxim: "If we die, you are going to die." Cornell '69 is an electrifying account of that weekend which probes the origins of the drama and describes how it was played out not only at Cornell but on campuses across the nation during the heyday of American liberalism.
Preface to the 2012 Paperback Edition1. Overview of the CrisisPart I. The Road to Straight2. Student Militancy3. The Rise of Racial Politics4. Racial Justice versus Academic Freedom5. Separation or Integration?6. Progress or Impasse?7. Liberal Justice or RacismPart II. The Straight Crisis8. Day 1: The Takeover and the Arming of the Campus9. Day 2: The Deal10. Day 3: A "Revolutionary Situation"11. Day 4: Student Power12. Day 5: A New OrderPart III. The Aftermath13. Reform, Reaction, and Resignation14. Cornell and the Failure of LiberalismChronologyParticipantsNotesIndex

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