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Neotropical Birds of Prey

Biology and Ecology of a Forest Raptor Community
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David Whitacre
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Until recently, surprisingly little has been known about the biology and behavior of tropical forest raptors, including such basic aspects as diets, breeding biology, habitat requirements, and population ecology, information critical to the development of conservation efforts. The Peregrine Fund conducted a significant eight-year-long research program on the raptor species, including owls, in Tikal National Park in Guatemala to learn more about Neotropical birds of prey. Impressive and unprecedented in scale, this pioneering research also involved the development of new methods for detecting, enumerating, and studying these magnificent but often elusive birds in their forest home. Beautifully illustrated with photographs of previously little-known species, the resulting book is the most important single source for information on the lowland tropical forest raptor species found in Central America.
Foreword by J. Peter JennyAcknowledgmentsAbout the Authors1. The Maya ProjectDavid F. Whitacre and William A. Burnham2. The Maya ForestDavid F. Whitacre and Mark D. Schulze3. Gray-headed KiteRussell K. Thorstrom, David F. Whitacre, Juventino López, and Gregorio López4. Hook-billed KiteDavid F. Whitacre and Miguel A. Vásquez5. Swallow-tailed KiteRichard P. Gerhardt, Dawn M. Gerhardt, and Miguel A. Vásquez6. Double-toothed KiteMark D. Schulze, José L. Córdova, Nathaniel E. Seavy, and David F. Whitacre7. Plumbeous KiteNathaniel E. Seavy, Mark D. Schulze, David F. Whitacre, and Miguel A. Vásquez8. Bicolored HawkRussell K. Thorstrom9. Crane HawkJason Sutter10. White HawkGregory S. Draheim, David F. Whitacre, Angel M. Enamorado, Oscar A. Aguirre, and Aquiles E. Hernández11. Great Black HawkRichard P. Gerhardt, Nathaniel E. Seavy, and Ricardo A. Madrid12. Roadside HawkTheresa Panasci13. Crested EagleDavid F. Whitacre, Juventino López, and Gregorio López14. Black Hawk-eagleDavid F. Whitacre, Juventino López, Gregorio López, Sixto H. Funes, Craig J. Flatten, and Julio A. Madrid15. Ornate Hawk-eagleDavid F. Whitacre, Julio A. Madrid, Héctor D. Madrid, Rodolfo Cruz, Craig J. Flatten, and Sixto H. Funes16. Barred Forest FalconRussell K. Thorstrom17. Collared Forest FalconRussell K. Thorstrom18. Laughing FalconMargaret N. Parker, Angel M. Enamorado, and Mario Lima19. Bat FalconMargaret N. Parker and David F. Whitacre20. Orange-breasted FalconAaron J. Baker, David F. Whitacre, and Oscar A. Aguirre21. Mexican Wood OwlRichard P. Gerhardt and Dawn M. Gerhardt22. Black-and-white OwlRichard P. Gerhardt, Dawn M. Gerhardt, Normandy Bonilla, and Craig J. Flatten23. Ecology and Conservation of Tikal's Raptor FaunaDavid F. Whitacre and William A. BurnhamAppendix 1: Body Mass and Sexual Size Dimorphism Data for Maya Forest Raptor SpeciesAppendix 2: Linear Measurements and Sexual Size Dimorphism for Maya Forest Raptor SpeciesLiterature CitedIndex

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