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Biology and Conservation of Martens, Sables, and Fishers

A New Synthesis
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Keith B. Aubry
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Mammals in the genus Martes are mid-sized carnivores of great importance to forest ecosystems. This book, the successor to Martens, Sables, and Fishers: Biology and Conservation, provides a scientific basis for management and conservation efforts designed to maintain or enhance the populations and habitats of Martes species throughout the world. The twenty synthesis chapters contained in this book bring together the perspectives and expertise of sixty-three scientists from twelve countries, and are organized by the five key themes of evolution and biogeography, population biology and management, habitat ecology and management, research techniques, and conservation.
Section 1: Evolution and Biogeography of the Genus Martes1. Synthesis of Martes Evolutionary Historyby Susan S. Hughes2. Behind the Genes: Diversification of North American Martens (Martes americana and M. caurina)by Natalie G. Dawson and Joseph A. Cook3. Complex Host-Parasite Systems in Martes: Implications for Conservation Biology of Endemic Faunasby Eric P. Hoberg, Anson V.A. Koehler, and Joseph A. Cook4. Distribution Changes of American Martens and Fishers in Eastern North America, 1699-2001by William B. KrohnSection 2: Ecology and Management of Martes Populations5. Population Biology and Matrix Demographic Modeling of American Martens and Fishersby Steven W. Buskirk, Jeff Bowman, and Jonathan H. Gilbert6. Evaluating Translocations of Martens, Sables, and Fishers: Testing Model Predictions with Field Databy Roger A. Powell, Jeffrey C. Lewis, Brian G. Slough, Scott M. Brainerd, Neil R. Jordan, Alexei V. Abramov, Vladimir Monakhov, Patrick A. Zollner, and Takahiro Murakami7. Pathogens and Parasites of Martes Species: Management and Conservation Implicationsby Mourad W. Gabriel, Greta M. Wengert, and Richard N. Brown8. Ecophysiology of Overwintering in Northern Martes Speciesby Anne-Mari Mustonen and Petteri NieminenSection 3: Ecology and Management of Habitat for Martes Species9. Improved Insights into Use of Habitat by American Martensby Ian D. Thompson, John Fryxell, and Daniel J. Harrison10. Habitat Ecology of Fishers in Western North America: A New Synthesisby Catherine M. Raley, Eric C. Lofroth, Richard L. Truex, J. Scott Yaeger, and J. Mark Higley11. Habitat Ecology of Martes Species in Europe: A Review of the Evidenceby Emilio Virgós, Andrzej Zalewski, Luis M. Rosalino, and Marina MergeySection 4: Advances in Research Techniques for Martes Species12. Scale Dependency of American Marten (Martes americana) Habitat Relationsby Andrew J. Shirk, Tzeidle N. Wasserman, Samuel A. Cushman, and Martin G. Raphael13. The Use of Radiotelemetry in Research on Martes Species: Techniques and Technologiesby Craig M. Thompson, Rebecca A. Green, Joel Sauder, Kathryn L. Purcell, Richard A. Sweitzer, and Jon M. Arnemo14. Noninvasive Methods for Surveying Martens, Sables, and Fishersby Robert A. Long and Paula MacKay15. Occupancy Estimation and Modeling in Martes Research and Monitoringby Keith M. Slauson, James A. Baldwin, and William J. ZielinskiSection 5: Conservation of Martes Populations16. Martens and Fishers in a Changing Climateby Joshua J. Lawler, Hugh D. Safford, and Evan H. Girvetz17. Conservation Genetics of the Genus Martes: Assessing Within-Species Movements, Units to Conserve, and Connectivity across Ecological and Evolutionary Timeby Michael K. Schwartz, Aritz Ruiz-González, Ryuichi Masuda, and Cino Pertoldi18. Use of Habitat and Viability Models in Martes Conservation and Restorationby Carlos Carroll, Wayne D. Spencer, and Jeffrey C. Lewis19. Conservation of Martens, Sables, and Fishers in Multispecies Bioregional Assessmentsby Bruce G. Marcot and Martin G. Raphael20. A Century of Change in Research and Management on the Genus Martesby Gilbert Proulx and Margarida Santos-ReisLiterature CitedIndex

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