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The Politics of Voter Suppression

Defending and Expanding Americans' Right to Vote
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Tova Wang
A Century Foundation Book Cornell University Press
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The Politics of Voter Suppression arrives in time to assess actual practices at the polls this fall and to reengage with debates about voter suppression tactics such as requiring specific forms of identification. Tova Andrea Wang examines the history of how U.S. election reforms have been manipulated for partisan advantage and establishes a new framework for analyzing current laws and policies. The tactics that have been employed to suppress voting in recent elections are not novel, she finds, but rather build upon the strategies used by a variety of actors going back nearly a century and a half. This continuity, along with the shift to a Republican domination of voter suppression efforts for the past fifty years, should inform what we think about reform policy today.
Foreword by Janice NittoliPreface1. The Voter Inclusion Principle2. The Early Years of Vote Suppression3. Conditions and Consequences of the Voting Rights Act4. Vote Suppression Goes National-and Republican5. The Battle over Motor Voter6. The Election of 2000 and Its Fallout7. A Slight Upswing8. Effects on Election Outcomes9. How to Increase ParticipationEpilogue: What Citizens Can DoNotesAcknowledgmentsIndex

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