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The Big Squeeze

A Social and Political History of the Controversial Mammogram
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Handel E. Reynolds
The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work ILR Press
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In 2009, an influential panel of medical experts ignited a controversy when they recommended that most women should not begin routine mammograms to screen for breast cancer until the age of fifty, reversing guidelines they had issued just seven years before when they recommended forty as the optimal age to start getting mammograms. While some praised the new recommendation as sensible given the smaller benefit women under fifty derive from mammography, many women's groups, health care advocates, and individual women saw the guidelines as privileging financial considerations over women's health and a setback to decades-long efforts to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer.
Introduction: The Mammography Story1. Timing Is Everything2. First Exposure3. The Aftermath4. A Tale of Two Epidemics5. Age Is Nothing but a Number6. Pulling the Plug on Granny7. The House that Mammography Built8. Overdiagnosis: Mammography's BurdenNotesIndex

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