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Prosper or Perish

Credit and Fiscal Systems in Rural China
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Lynette H. Ong
Cornell University Press
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The official banking institutions for rural China are Rural Credit Cooperatives (RCCs). Although these co-ops are mandated to support agricultural development among farm households, since 1980 half of RCC loans have gone to small and medium-sized industrial enterprises located in, and managed by, townships and villages. These township and village enterprises have experienced highly uneven levels of success, and by the end of the 1990s, half of all RCC loans were in or close to default, forcing China's central bank to bail out RCCs. In Prosper or Perish, Lynette H. Ong examines the bias in RCC lending patterns, focusing on why the mobilization of rural savings has contributed to successful industrial development in some locales but not in others.
Part I. Overview and Research QuestionsChapter 1. Local Governments, Rural Credit, and Regional Development in ChinaAppendix: Case Study Indicators, Household Survey, and SourcesChapter 2. The Rural Financial System and Rural Development in ChinaPart II. The Design of China's Economic and Political InstitutionsChapter 3. The Design of China's Rural Credit InstitutionsChapter 4. The Implications of Cadre Evaluation and Fiscal System for Local-Government BehaviorAppendix: Township Cadre Evaluation Criteria in Wenling County, Zhejiang ProvincePart III. Case Studies: Blind Men and the ElephantChapter 5. Diverging Pathways to Prosperity: Privately Led vs. Local Government-Led IndustrializationChapter 6. The Local Government-Led Path to Rural DecayAppendix: Revenue and Expenditures of the Perished TownshipsConclusionAppendix: List of Non-Survey Field Interviews, 2003-6NotesGlossary of Chinese TermsIndex

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