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Balkan Smoke

Tobacco and the Making of Modern Bulgaria
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In Balkan Smoke, Mary C. Neuburger leads readers along the Bulgarian-Ottoman caravan routes and into the coffeehouses of Istanbul and Sofia. She reveals how a remote country was drawn into global economic networks through tobacco production and consumption and in the process became modern. In writing the life of tobacco in Bulgaria from the late Ottoman period through the years of Communist rule, Neuburger gives us much more than the cultural history of a commodity; she provides a fresh perspective on the genesis of modern Bulgaria itself. The tobacco trade comes to shape most of Bulgaria's international relations; it drew Bulgaria into its fateful alliance with Nazi Germany and in the postwar period Bulgaria was the primary supplier of smokes (the famed Bulgarian Gold) for the USSR and its satellites. By the late 1960s Bulgaria was the number one exporter of tobacco in the world, with roughly one eighth of its population involved in production.
Introduction1. Coffeehouse Babble: Smoking and Sociability in the Long Nineteenth Century2. No Smoke without Fire: Tobacco and Transformation, 1878-19143. From the Orient Express to the Sofia Café: Smoke and Propriety in the Interwar Years4. The Tobacco Fortress: Asenovgrad Krepost and the Politics of Tobacco between the World Wars5. From Leaf to Ash: Jews, Germans, and Bulgarian Gold in the Second World War6. Smoke-Filled Rooms: Places to Light Up in Communist Bulgaria7. Smokes for Big Brother: Bulgartabak and Tobacco under CommunismConclusionNotesBibliographyIndex

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