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The Covert Sphere

Secrecy, Fiction, and the National Security State
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Timothy Melley
Cornell University Press
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In December 2010 the U.S. Embassy in Kabul acknowledged that it was providing major funding for thirteen episodes of Eagle Four-a new Afghani television melodrama based loosely on the blockbuster U.S. series 24. According to an embassy spokesperson, Eagle Four was part of a strategy aimed at transforming public suspicion of security forces into something like awed respect. Why would a wartime government spend valuable resources on a melodrama of covert operations? The answer, according to Timothy Melley, is not simply that fiction has real political effects but that, since the Cold War, fiction has become integral to the growth of national security as a concept and a transformation of democracy.
PrefaceIntroduction: The Postmodern Public SphereCold War ReduxWe Now KnowPublic SecretsMere EntertainmentStrategic IrrationalismRepresentations of the Covert State1. Brainwashed!The Faisalabad CandidateBrain WarfareLittle Shop of HorrorsSoftening Up Our BoysRenditions2. Spectacles of SecrecyTrial by SimulationPolitical TheaterRecovered (National) MemoryThe State's Two FacesFakery in Allegiance to the TruthThe Fabulist Spy3. False DocumentsTrue LiesEnemies of the StatePsy OpsThe Epistemology of Vietnam4. The Work of Art in the Age of Plausible DeniabilityNarrative DysfunctionCalculated EllipsisThe Feminization of the Public SphereThe Journalist as PatsyMetafiction in Wartime5. Postmodern AmnesiaAssassins of MemoryThe Dialectics of Spectacle and SecrecySecret HistoryThe Magic Show6. The Geopolitical MelodramaGround ZeroEnemies, Foreign and DomesticWhatever It TakesDemonologyMelodrama as PolicyNotesWorks CitedIndex

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