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Spoils of Truce

Corruption and State-Building in Postwar Lebanon
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In Spoils of Truce, Reinoud Leenders documents the extensive corruption that accompanied the reconstruction of Lebanon after the end of a decade and a half of civil war. With the signing of the Ta'if peace accord in 1989, the rebuilding of the country's shattered physical infrastructure and the establishment of a functioning state apparatus became critical demands. Despite the urgent needs of its citizens, however, graft was rampant. Leenders describes the extent and nature of this corruption in key sectors of the Lebanese economy and government, including transportation, health care, energy, natural resources, construction, and social assistance programs.
1. Corruption: A Window into the State of Postwar Lebanon2. Assessing Corruption3. Public Institutions and Bureaucratic Organization4. The Political Settlement of the Second Republic5. The Politics of State-Building and Corruption6. Corruption and the Primacy of PoliticsEpilogueReferencesIndex

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