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The Peace Puzzle

America's Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace, 1989-2011
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Each phase of Arab-Israeli peacemaking has been inordinately difficult in its own right, and every critical juncture and decision point in the long process has been shaped by U.S. politics and the U.S. leaders of the moment. The Peace Puzzle tracks the American determination to articulate policy, develop strategy and tactics, and see through negotiations to agreements on an issue that has been of singular importance to U.S. interests for more than forty years.
Introduction: The Decline of American Mideast Diplomacy1. Opportunities Created, Opportunities Lost: Negotiations at Oslo and Madrid2. Within Reach: Israeli- Syrian Negotiations of the 1990s3. The Collapse of the Israeli- Palestinian Negotiations4. George W. Bush Reshapes America's Role5. The Annapolis Denouement6. Obama: An Early AssessmentEpilogue: Lessons Learned and UnlearnedNotesIndex

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