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Freedom Burning

Anti-Slavery and Empire in Victorian Britain
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After Britain abolished slavery throughout most of its empire in 1834, Victorians adopted a creed of "anti-slavery" as a vital part of their national identity and sense of moral superiority over other civilizations. The British government used diplomacy, pressure, and violence to suppress the slave trade, while the Royal Navy enforced abolition worldwide and an anxious public debated the true responsibilities of an anti-slavery nation. This crusade was far from altruistic or compassionate, but Richard Huzzey argues that it forged national debates and political culture long after the famous abolitionist campaigns of William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson had faded into memory. These anti-slavery passions shaped racist and imperialist prejudices, new forms of coerced labor, and the expansion of colonial possessions.
Prologue: Freedom Burning1. An Anti-Slavery NationDivision and DiversityAbolitionists and Anti-Slavery2. Uncle Tom's BritainGeologies of EmancipationA Great, Unseen, Gigantic Power3. The Anti-Slavery StateAnti-Slavers in DisguiseBritain's Anti-Slavery World SystemConsensus, Conflict, and Partisanship4. Britons' Unreal FreedomSlavery and British SocietyWage SlaverySweetening the Condition of England5. Power, Prosperity, and LibertyCheap Sugar Means Cheap Slaves?Moral EconomiesThe Benevolent CrotchetFree Labor and World Power6. Africa BurningImprovement and the Slave TradeAnti-Slavery ImperialismDecoy ElephantsAnti-Slavery and the Scramble for AfricaImperial Motives7. The Anti-Slavery EmpireFrom Bombay to Morant BayThe Road to HellRace, Free Labor, and Seeing Too Far8. Ideologies of FreedomElite and Popular Anti-SlaveriesAnti-Slavery as IdeologyAnti-Slavery Ends and MeansList of AbbreviationsNotesBibliographyIndex

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