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Buoyancy on the Bayou

Shrimpers Face the Rising Tide of Globalization
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Over the past several decades, shrimp has transformed from a luxury food to a kitchen staple. While shrimp-loving consumers have benefited from the lower cost of shrimp, domestic shrimp fishers have suffered, particularly in Louisiana. Most of the shrimp that we eat today is imported from shrimp farms in China, Vietnam, and Thailand. The flood of imported shrimp has sent dockside prices plummeting, and rising fuel costs have destroyed the profit margin for shrimp fishing as a domestic industry.
Prologue1. Setting Sail: What We Can Learn from Louisiana Shrimp Fishers2. Identity: The Struggle to Stay Afloat3. Loss: Jumping Ship for Higher Ground4. Innovation: Changing Course on Choppy Waters5. Docked: The Uncertain Futures of Shrimp Fishers in the Post-BP Oil Spill EraMethodological AppendixNotesBibliographyIndex

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