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Atomic Assistance

How "Atoms for Peace" Programs Cause Nuclear Insecurity
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Matthew Fuhrmann
Cornell Studies in Security Affairs Cornell University Press
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Nuclear technology is dual use in nature, meaning that it can be used to produce nuclear energy or to build nuclear weapons. Despite security concerns about proliferation, the United States and other nuclear nations have regularly shared with other countries nuclear technology, materials, and knowledge for peaceful purposes. In Atomic Assistance, Matthew Fuhrmann argues that governments use peaceful nuclear assistance as a tool of economic statecraft. Nuclear suppliers hope that they can reap the benefits of foreign aid-improving relationships with their allies, limiting the influence of their adversaries, enhancing their energy security by gaining favorable access to oil supplies-without undermining their security. By providing peaceful nuclear assistance, however, countries inadvertently help spread nuclear weapons.
Introduction: Unintended Consequences in International Politics1. Definitions and Patterns of Peaceful Nuclear CooperationPart I: Atoms for Peace2. Economic Statecraft and Atoms for Peace: A Theory of Peaceful Nuclear Assistance3. The Historical Record: A First Cut4. Nuclear Arms and Infl uence: Assisting India, Iran, and Libya5. The Thirst for Oil and Other Motives: Nine Puzzling Cases of Assistance6. Oil for Peaceful Nuclear Assistance?Part II: Atoms for War7. Spreading Temptation: Why Nuclear Export Strategies Backfire8. Who Builds Bombs? How Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Facilitates the Spread of Nuclear Weapons9. Have International Institutions Made the World Safer?Conclusion: What Peaceful Nuclear Assistance Teaches Us about International RelationsNotesIndex

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