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Zion’s Dilemmas

How Israel Makes National Security Policy
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In Zion's Dilemmas, a former deputy national security advisor to the State of Israel details the history and, in many cases, the chronic inadequacies in the making of Israeli national security policy. Charles D. Freilich identifies profound, ongoing problems that he ascribes to a series of factors: a hostile and highly volatile regional environment, Israel's proportional representation electoral system, and structural peculiarities of the Israeli government and bureaucracy.
IntroductionPart I. The Setting1. Constraints and Players: The External Environment, Proportional Representation System, and National Security EstablishmentIsrael's National Security EnvironmentThe Proportional Representation SystemThe National Security Establishment2. The Decision-Making Process: How the System Actually WorksPathology 1: An Unplanned ProcessPathology 2: A Highly Politicized ProcessPathology 3: Semi-organized Anarchy; or, Is Anyone at the Helm?Pathology 4: An Uninstitutionalized ProcessPathology 5: Primacy of the Defense EstablishmentSomething Must Be Good: Strengths of the Israeli SystemPart II. The Case Studies3. Camp David I: Making Peace with Egypt, 1977-19794. The Makings of a Young Lion: The Lavi Combat Aircraft, 1980-19875. The Invasion of Lebanon, 19826. Leaving Lebanon: The Unilateral Withdrawal, 20007. Camp David II: The Israeli- Palestinian Negotiations, 1999-20008. Disengaging from Gaza, 20059. Back Again: The Second Lebanon War, 2006Part III. Final ThoughtsConclusions and RecommendationsThe Case Studies in Comparative PerspectiveKey FindingsPast Attempts at ReformFailings Tolerable No LongerFuture ReformsAppendix 1: The INSC Law, 2008Appendix 2: Recommendations of the Winograd Commission and the Shahak CommitteeList of InterviewsNotesBibliographyIndex

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