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Queen of Vaudeville

The Story of Eva Tanguay
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In her day, Eva Tanguay (1879-1947) was one of the most famous women in America. Widely known as the "I Don't Care Girl"-named after a song she popularized and her independent, even brazen persona-Tanguay established herself as a vaudeville and musical comedy star in 1901 with the New York City premiere of the show My Lady-and never looked back. Tanguay was, at the height of a long career that stretched until the early 1930s, a trend-setting performer who embodied the emerging ideal of the bold and sexual female entertainer. Whether suggestively singing songs with titles like "It's All Been Done Before But Not the Way I Do It" and "Go As Far As You Like" or wearing a daring dress made of pennies, she was a precursor to subsequent generations of performers, from Mae West to Madonna and Lady Gaga, who have been both idolized and condemned for simultaneously displaying and playing with blatant displays of female sexuality.
Introduction: The Most Famous Performer in America1. Freak Baby and the Paper City2. The Sambo Girl in New York3. I Don't Care4. The Cyclonic Comedienne; or, Genius Properly Advertised5. Riding Salome to the Top6. Rivals, Imitators, and Censors7. Follies and Fortunes8. Men and Other Travails9. Mrs. John Ford10. The Wild Girl11. Knockdowns and Comebacks... and Knockdowns12. Death and Other EndingsEpilogue: George Jessel and Darryl Zanuck Don't CareEva Tanguay ChronologyNotesSources and Select BibliographyIndex

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