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Only Muslim

Embodying Islam in Twentieth-Century France
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The French state has long had a troubled relationship with its diverse Muslim populations. In Only Muslim, Naomi Davidson traces this turbulence to the 1920s and 1930s, when North Africans first immigrated to French cities in significant numbers. Drawing on police reports, architectural blueprints, posters, propaganda films, and documentation from metropolitan and colonial officials as well as anticolonial nationalists, she reveals the ways in which French politicians and social scientists created a distinctly French vision of Islam that would inform public policy and political attitudes toward Muslims for the rest of the century-Islam français. French Muslims were cast into a permanent "otherness" that functioned in the same way as racial difference. This notion that one was only and forever Muslim was attributed to all immigrants from North Africa, though in time "Muslim" came to function as a synonym for Algerian, despite the diversity of the North and West African population.
Introduction: Muslims only as Muslims1. Religion and Race in the French Mediterranean2. Un monument durable: Building the Mosquée de Paris and Institut Musulman3. To Monitor and Aid: Muslim Bodies, Social Assistance, and Religious Practices4. Islam français, Islam in France: Forms of Islam in Paris and the Provinces5. Islam français, Islam algérien: Islam and the Algerian War in Paris6. "Culture" and "Religion": Immigration, Islams, and Race in 1970s ParisConclusion: "We Want to Contribute to the Secularization of Islam": Islam français in the Twenty-First CenturyNotesBibliographyIndex

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