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Religious Rhetoric and American Politics

The Endurance of Civil Religion in Electoral Campaigns
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Christopher B. Chapp
Cornell University Press
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From Reagan's regular invocation of America as "a city on a hill" to Obama's use of spiritual language in describing social policy, religious rhetoric is a regular part of how candidates communicate with voters. Although the Constitution explicitly forbids a religious test as a qualification to public office, many citizens base their decisions about candidates on their expressed religious beliefs and values. In Religious Rhetoric and American Politics, Christopher B. Chapp shows that Americans often make political choices because they identify with a "civil religion," not because they think of themselves as cultural warriors.. Chapp examines the role of religious political rhetoric in American elections by analyzing both how political elites use religious language and how voters respond to different expressions of religion in the public sphere.
1. A Theory of Religious Rhetoric in American Campaigns2. Religious Rhetoric in American Political History3. Religious Rhetoric and the Politics of Identity4. Religious Rhetoric and the Politics of Emotive Appeals5. The Consequences of Religious Language on Presidential Candidate Evaluations6. Civil Religion Identity and the Task of Political Representation7. The Rhetorical Construction of Religious ConstituenciesNotesReferencesIndex

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