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Humanitarianism in Question

Politics, Power, Ethics
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Years of tremendous growth in response to complex emergencies have left a mark on the humanitarian sector. Various matters that once seemed settled are now subjects of intense debate. What is humanitarianism? Is it limited to the provision of relief to victims of conflict, or does it include broader objectives such as human rights, democracy promotion, development, and peacebuilding? For much of the last century, the principles of humanitarianism were guided by neutrality, impartiality, and independence. More recently, some humanitarian organizations have begun to relax these tenets. The recognition that humanitarian action can lead to negative consequences has forced humanitarian organizations to measure their effectiveness, to reflect on their ethical positions, and to consider not only the values that motivate their actions but also the consequences of those actions.
List of Abbreviations1. Humanitarianism: A Brief History of the Present - MICHAEL BARNETT AND THOMAS G. WEISS2. The Rise of Emergency Relief Aid - JAMES D. FEARON3. The Imperative to Reduce Suffering: Charity, Progress, and Emergencies in the Field of Humanitarian Action - CRAIG CALHOUN4. Saying "No" to Wal-Mart? Money and Morality in Professional Humanitarianism - STEPHEN HOPGOOD5. Humanitarian Organizations: Accountable-Why, to Whom, for What, and How? - JANICE GROSS STEIN6. The Grand Strategies of Humanitarianism - MICHAEL BARNLTT AND JACK SNYDER7. The Power of Holding Humanitarianism in Hostage and the Myth of Protective Principles - LAURA HAMMOND8. Sacrifice, Triage, and Global Humanitarianism - PETER REDFIELD9. The Distributive Commitments of International NGOs - JENNIFER C. RUBENSTEIN10. Humanitarianism as a Scholarly Vocation - MICHAEL BARNETT11. Humanitarianism and Practitioners: Social Science Matters - PETER J. HOFFMAN AND THOMAS G. WEISSContributorsIndex

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