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The Complexities of Care

Nursing Reconsidered
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Sioban Nelson
The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work ILR Press
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"Nursing, everyone believes, is the caring profession. Texts on caring line the walls of nursing schools and student shelves. Indeed, the discipline of nursing is often known as the 'caring science.' Because of their caring reputation, nurses top the polls as the most-trustworthy professionals. Yet, in spite of what seems to be an endless outpouring of public support, in almost every country in the world nursing is under threat, in the practice setting and in the academic sector. Indeed, its standing as a regulated profession is constantly challenged. In our view, this paradox is neither accidental nor natural but, in great part, the logical consequence of the fact that nurses and their organizations place such a heavy emphasis on nursing's and nurses' virtues rather than on their knowledge and concrete contributions."-from the Introduction
Introduction - Sioban Nelson and Suzanne Gordon1. Moving beyond the Virtue Script in Nursing: Creating a Knowledge-Based Identity for Nurses - Suzanne Gordon and Sioban Nelson2. When Little Things Are Big Things: The Importance of Relationships for Nurses' Professional Practice - Dana Beth Weinberg3. Pride and Prejudice: Nurses' Struggle with Reasoned Debate - Diana J. Mason4. Moral Integrity and Regret in Nursing - Lydia L. Moland5. Ethical Expertise and the Problem of the Good Nurse - Sioban Nelson6. From Sickness to Health - Tom Keighley7. The New Cartesianism: Dividing Mind and Body and Thus Disembodying Care - Suzanne Gordon8. Nurses Must Be Clever to Care - Sanchia Aranda and Rosie Brown9. "You Don't Want to Stay Here": Surgical Nursing and the Disappearance of Patient Recovery Time - Marie Heartfield10. Research on Nurse Staffing and Its Outcomes: The Challenges and Risks of Grasping at Shadows - Sean ClarkeConclusion: Nurses Wanted: Sentimental Men and Women Need Not Apply - Sioban Nelson and Suzanne GordonNotesContributorsIndex

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