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Safety in Numbers

Nurse-to-Patient Ratios and the Future of Health Care
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Suzanne Gordon
The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work ILR Press
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Legally mandated nurse-to-patient ratios are one of the most controversial topics in health care today. Ratio advocates believe that minimum staffing levels are essential for quality care, better working conditions, and higher rates of RN recruitment and retention that would alleviate the current global nursing shortage. Opponents claim that ratios will unfairly burden hospital budgets, while reducing management flexibility in addressing patient needs.
Acknowledgments 00
Introduction 00
Part I. California: Managed Care, Hospital Restructuring,
and the Ratio Response
Chapter 1. Hospital Restructuring and the Erosion of
Nursing Care in California and the United States 00
Chapter 2. Not Out of Thin Air 00
Chapter 3. The Hospital Industry Response 00
Chapter 4. Ratios Redux 00
Part II. Australia: Nurses and Work Intensification in Public Hospitals in
VictoriaContext, Response, and Legacies
Chapter 5. Working Life for Nurses in the Late 1990s in Australia: A Snapshot 00
Chapter 6. How Did It Come to This? The Factors Driving the Intensification of Nursing Work
Chapter 7. Winning Ratios in Victoria 00
Chapter 8. Evaluating the Impact of Ratios: An Imperfect Experiment 00
Part III. Arguments and Alternatives
Chapter 9. What We Know about Nurse Staffing 00
Chapter 10. Arguments against and Alternatives to Ratios 00
Conclusion: Ratios and Beyond 00
Appendix: Decision of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission on Nurse-to-Patient
Ratios 00
Notes 00
Index 00

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