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Nursing against the Odds

How Health Care Cost Cutting, Media Stereotypes, and Medical Hubris Undermine Nurses and Patient Care
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Suzanne Gordon
The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work ILR Press
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In the United States and throughout the industrialized world, just as the population of older and sicker patients is about to explode, we have a major shortage of nurses. Why are so many RNs dropping out of health care's largest profession? How will the lack of skilled, experienced caregivers affect patients? These are some of the questions addressed by Suzanne Gordon's definitive account of the world's nursing crisis. In Nursing against the Odds, one of North America's leading health care journalists draws on in-depth interviews, research studies, and extensive firsthand reporting to help readers better understand the myriad causes of and possible solutions to the current crisis.
IntroductionPart One: Nurses and Doctors at WorkManufacturing the Dominant DoctorDesigning the Doctor-Nurse GameThe Disruptive Medical SystemFatal SynergyMaking Matters WorsePart Two: The Media and NursingDropped from the PictureMissing from the NewsUnavailable for CommentPart Three: Hospitals and NursingMangling CareThe New Nursing UniverseNurses on the RopesNo Nurse Left BehindManagement by ChumFailure to RescueConclusion: Changing the OddsNotesIndex

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