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Life Support

Three Nurses on the Front Lines
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Suzanne Gordon
The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work ILR Press
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"A beautiful, profound, and profoundly important book.... Gordon's message is simplicity itself: sick people need skilled, humane, and insightful care that keeps their interests paramount. Registered nurses have historically provided that care, but now their ability to fulfill their crucial role faces the greatest jeopardy in the history of the profession.... Life Support belongs in the august company of Silent Spring, The Other America, The Feminine Mystique, and other pivotal works with the power to shape the nation's consciousness."-Washington Post
Foreword to the Cornell Edition by Claire M. Fagin, R. N., Ph. D., F.A.A.N.PrefaceCHAPTER 1: The Tapestry of CareCHAPTER 2: Nancy Rumplik - The Care of StrangersCHAPTER 3: Jeannie Chaisson - Not on the ChartsCHAPTER 4: Ellen Kitchen - A Special VisitorCHAPTER 5: Nancy Rumplik - The Meaning of IllnessCHAPTER 6: Jeannie Chaisson - A Mentor of Their OwnCHAPTER 7: Ellen Kitchen - Collaborative CareCHAPTER 8: Nancy Rumplik - A Good Enough DeathCHAPTER 9: Ellen Kitchen - Final CheckupsCHAPTER 10: Jeannie - Chaisson A Good Enough Death IICHAPTER 11: Unraveling the Tapestry of CareCONCLUSION: Preserving the Tapestry of CareAfterword to the Cornell EditionNotesSelected BibliographyIndex

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