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The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus

Hermeticism from Ancient to Modern Times
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"Perhaps Hermeticism has fascinated so many people precisely because it has made it possible to produce many analogies and relationships to various traditions: to Platonism in its many varieties, to Stoicism, to Gnostic ideas, and even to certain Aristotelian doctrines. The Gnostic, the esoteric, the Platonist, or the deist has each been able to find something familiar in the writings. One just had to have a penchant for remote antiquity, for the idea of a Golden Age, in order for Hermeticism, with its aura of an ancient Egyptian revelation, to have enjoyed such outstanding success."-from the Introduction
Foreword by Jan AssmannIntroductionChapter 1. Prehistory and Early History of a PhantasmWhat Are Hermetic Texts? - The Hermetic Texts of Late Antiquity - Hermes as Preacher of Theology and Philosophy - Hermes: Astrologer, Magus, and Alchemist - What Was Ancient Hermeticism?Chapter 2. The Middle Ages: Christian Theology and "Antediluvian" MagicChristian Hermeticism - Arab Hermeticism - Hermes Latinus - Traditions of Medieval HermeticismChapter 3. Renaissance: Primeval Wisdom for a New WorldTradition or Rediscovery? - Hermeticism and Paracelsism - Religious Hermeticism - Two Paths of Hermeticism in the Early Modern PeriodChapter 4. Seventeenth Century: High Point and DeclineCasaubon and the Dating of the Hermetic Texts - Hermeticism and the Modern Natural Sciences - Hermeticism and Pietism - The Decrepitude of Hermeticism?Chapter 5. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Between Occultism and EnlightenmentTwo German Editions of the Corpus Hermeticum - Hermes Trismegistus in Freemasonry - From Historical to Systematic HermeticismChapter 6. Twentieth Century: Systems and EsotericaJulius Evola and Esoteric Hermeticism - Umberto Eco's Hermetic Semiosis and Heinrich Rombach's HermeticismChronologyGlossarySelect BibliographyIndex

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