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Why France?

American Historians Reflect on an Enduring Fascination
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France has long attracted the attention of many of America's most accomplished historians. The field of French history has been vastly influential in American thought, both within the academy and beyond, regardless of France's standing among U.S. political and cultural elites. Even though other countries, from Britain to China, may have had a greater impact on American history, none has exerted quite the same hold on the American historical imagination, particularly in the post-1945 era.
Introduction 000
Laura Lee Downs and Stéphane Gerson
1. Medievalist and Francophile Despite Himself 000
John W. Baldwin
2. A Mid-Atlantic Identity 000
Robert O. Paxton
3. Tough Love for France 000
Herman Lebovics
4. Fantasy Meets Reality: A Midwesterner Goes to Paris 000
Lynn Hunt
5. Défense d'afficher . . . 000
Steven Laurence Kaplan
6. France for Belgium 000
Gabrielle M. Spiegel
7. Why Paris? 000
Barbara B. Diefendorf
8. Catholic Connections, Jewish Relations, French Religion 000
Thomas Kselman
9. Europe without Personal Angst 000
Jan Goldstein
10. France, a Political Romance 000
Edward Berenson
11. Choosing History, Discovering France 000
Herrick Chapman
12. An African American in Paris 000
Tyler Stovall
13. Writing at the Margins 000
Leonard V. Smith
14. It's Not About France 000
Ken Alder
15. Pilgrim's Progress: From Suburban Canada to Paris (via Montreal, Tokyo, and
Tehran) 000
Clare Haru Crowston
16. Between Douai and the U.S.A. 000
Todd Shepard
Afterword 000
Roger Chartier
Notes 000

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