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Housing the New Russia

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Jane R. Zavisca
Cornell University Press
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In Housing the New Russia, Jane R. Zavisca examines Russia's attempts to transition from a socialist vision of housing, in which the government promised a separate, state-owned apartment for every family, to a market-based and mortgage-dependent model of home ownership. In 1992, the post-Soviet Russian government signed an agreement with the United States to create the Russian housing market. The vision of an American-style market guided housing policy over the next two decades. Privatization gave socialist housing to existing occupants, creating a nation of homeowners overnight. New financial institutions, modeled on the American mortgage system, laid the foundation for a market. Next the state tried to stimulate mortgages-and reverse the declining birth rate, another major concern-by subsidizing loans for young families.
Introduction: A Painful QuestionPart I: The Development of the Post-Soviet Housing Regime1. The Soviet Promise: A Separate Apartment for Every Family2. Transplant Failure: The American Housing Model in Russia3. Maternity Capitalism: Grafting Pronatalism onto Housing Policy4. Property without Markets: Who Got What as Markets FailedPart II: The Meaning of Housing in the New Russia5. Disappointed Dreams: Distributive Injustice in the New Housing Order6. Mobility Strategies: Searching for the Separate Apartment7. Rooms of Their Own: How Housing Affects Family Size8. Children Are Not Capital: Ambivalence about Pronatalist Housing Policies9. To Owe Is Not to Own: Why Russians Reject MortgagesConclusion: A Market That Could Not EmergeAppendix: Characteristics of Interviewees Cited in TextNotesWorks CitedIndex

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