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America’s First Great Depression

Economic Crisis and Political Disorder after the Panic of 1837
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Alasdair Roberts
Cornell University Press
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For a while, it seemed impossible to lose money on real estate. But then the bubble burst. The financial sector was paralyzed and the economy contracted. State and federal governments struggled to pay their domestic and foreign creditors. Washington was incapable of decisive action. The country seethed with political and social unrest. In America's First Great Depression, Alasdair Roberts describes how the United States dealt with the economic and political crisis that followed the Panic of 1837.
Introduction: Back to the Future1. Boom and BustHard timesGauging the lossesThe bubbleThe collapse2. The States' CrisisDefaulting on state debtsDisgrace in EuropeShackling the states3. The Federal Government's CrisisGridlock in WashingtonThe fraying national compactLosing the arms raceReconciling with the superpower4. Law and OrderRebellion in Rhode IslandThe anti- rent warCannon fire in PhiladelphiaBuilding civic armies5. The End of the CrisisA proxy war in MexicoRedemptionConclusion: Freedom, Order, and Economic CrisisNote on Method and AcknowledgmentsNotesIndex

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