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An Education in Politics

The Origins and Evolution of No Child Left Behind
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Jesse H. Rhodes
American Institutions and Society Cornell University Press
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Since the early 1990s, the federal role in education-exemplified by the controversial No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)-has expanded dramatically. Yet states and localities have retained a central role in education policy, leading to a growing struggle for control over the direction of the nation's schools. In An Education in Politics, Jesse H. Rhodes explains the uneven development of federal involvement in education. While supporters of expanded federal involvement enjoyed some success in bringing new ideas to the federal policy agenda, Rhodes argues, they also encountered stiff resistance from proponents of local control. Built atop existing decentralized policies, new federal reforms raised difficult questions about which level of government bore ultimate responsibility for improving schools.
Introduction: Explaining the Development of American Education Policymaking1. The Structure of American Education Policy before 19802. A New Direction in American Education Policy, 1980-19883. Federal School Reform Builds Momentum, 1989-19924. A New Federal Role Is Born, 1993-19945. The Road to No Child Left Behind, 1995-20026. "Yes We Can" Improve America's Schools? From No Child Left Behind to President Obama's Education Initiatives, 2003-2011Conclusion: Institutionally Bounded Entrepreneurship and the Future of American Education PolicymakingList of AbbreviationsNotesIndex

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