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Putting the Barn Before the House

Women and Family Farming in Early Twentieth-Century New York
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Nancy Grey Osterud
Cornell University Press
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Putting the Barn Before the House features the voices and viewpoints of women born before World War I who lived on family farms in south-central New York. As she did in her previous book, Bonds of Community, for an earlier period in history, Grey Osterud explores the flexible and varied ways that families shared labor and highlights the strategies of mutuality that women adopted to ensure they had a say in family decision making. Sharing and exchanging work also linked neighboring households and knit the community together. Indeed, the culture of cooperation that women espoused laid the basis for the formation of cooperatives that enabled these dairy farmers to contest the power of agribusiness and obtain better returns for their labor. Osterud recounts this story through the words of the women and men who lived it and carefully explores their views about gender, labor, and power, which offered an alternative to the ideas that prevailed in American society.
Introduction: The Nanticoke Valley in the Early Twentieth CenturyPart I: Gender, Power, and Labor1. Putting the Barn Before the House2. Women's Place on the LandPart II: Farming and Wage-Earning3. "Buying a Farm on a Small Capital"4. The Transformation of Agriculture and the Rural EconomyPart III: The Division of Labor and Relations Of Power5. Sharing and Dividing Farm Work6. Intergenerational and Marital Partnerships7. Wage-Earning and Farming Families8. Negotiating Working RelationshipsPart IV: Organizing the Rural Community9. Forming Cooperatives and Taking Collective Action10. Home Economics and Farm Family EconomiesConclusion: Gender, Mutuality, and Community in RetrospectNotesIndex

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