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Strong-arm Brokers in Weak States
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Kimberly Marten
Cornell Studies in Security Affairs Cornell University Press
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Warlords are individuals who control small territories within weak states, using a combination of force and patronage. In this book, Kimberly Marten shows why and how warlords undermine state sovereignty. Unlike the feudal lords of a previous era, warlords today are not state-builders. Instead they collude with cost-conscious, corrupt, or frightened state officials to flout and undermine state capacity. They thrive on illegality, relying on private militias for support, and often provoke violent resentment from those who are cut out of their networks. Some act as middlemen for competing states, helping to hollow out their own states from within.. Countries ranging from the United States to Russia have repeatedly chosen to ally with warlords, but Marten argues that to do so is a dangerous proposition.
1. Warlords: An Introduction2. Warlords and Universal Sovereignty3. Ungoverned Warlords: Pakistan's FATA in the Twentieth Century4. The Georgian Experiment with Warlords5. Chechnya: The Sovereignty of Ramzan Kadyrov6. It Takes Three: Washington, Baghdad, and the Sons of IraqConclusion: Lessons and Hypotheses

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