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Retirement on the Line

Age, Work, and Value in an American Factory
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In an era when people live longer and want (or need) to work past the traditional retirement age, the Vita Needle Company of Needham, Massachusetts, provides inspiration and important lessons about the value of older workers. Vita Needle is a family-owned factory that was founded in 1932 and makes needles, stainless steel tubing and pipes, and custom fabricated parts. As part of its unusual business model, the company seeks out older workers; the median age of the employees is seventy-four.
Cast of CharactersIntroduction: Making Needles, Making LivesPart I: Up the StairsPigeonholed by Jim Downey1. Making Money for Fred: Productivity, People, and Purpose2. Antique Machinery and Antique People: The Vita Needle Family3. No Chains on the Seats: Freedom and FlexibilityPart II: In the Press4. Riding the Gray Wave: Global Interest in Vita Needle5. Rosa, a National Treasure: Agency in the Face of Media StardomConclusion: Vita's Larger LessonsPostscriptNotesReferencesAcknowledgmentsIndex

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