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Race, Rights, and Recognition

Jewish American Literature since 1969
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Dean Franco
Cornell University Press
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In Race, Rights, and Recognition, Dean J. Franco explores the work of recent Jewish American writers, many of whom have taken unpopular stances on social issues, distancing themselves from the politics and public practice of multiculturalism. While these writers explore the same themes of group-based rights and recognition that preoccupy Latino, African American, and Native American writers, they are generally suspicious of group identities and are more likely to adopt postmodern distancing techniques than to presume to speak for "their people." Ranging from Philip Roth's scandalous 1969 novel Portnoy's Complaint to Gary Shteyngart's Absurdistan in 2006, the literature Franco examines in this book is at once critical of and deeply invested in the problems of race and the rise of multicultural philosophies and policies in America.
Introduction: The Politics and Ethics of Jewish American Literature and CriticismPart I: Pluralism, Race, and Religion1. Portnoy's Complaint: It's about Race, Not Sex (Even the Sex Is about Race)2. Re-Reading Cynthia Ozick: Pluralism, Postmodernism, and the Multicultural Encounter3. The New, New Pluralism: Religion, Community, and Secularity in Allegra Goodman's Kaaterskill FallsPart II: Recognition, Rights, and Responsibility4. Recognition and Effacement in Lore Segal's Her First American5. Responsibility Unveiled: Tony Kushner's Homebody/Kabul6. Globalization's Complaint: Gary Shteyngart's Absurdistan and the Culture of CultureEpilogue: Less Absurdistan, More Boyle Heights

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