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An Anthropology of Infrastructure and Expertise
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Roads matter to people. This claim is central to the work of Penny Harvey and Hannah Knox, who in this book use the example of highway building in South America to explore what large public infrastructural projects can tell us about contemporary state formation, social relations, and emerging political economies.
Introduction: Anthropology, Infrastructure, and ExpertisePART I. ROADS AS STATE SPACE: PAST DESIRES AND FUTURE IMAGINARIES1. Historical Futures2. Integration and DifferencePART II. CONSTRUCTION PRACTICES, REGULATORY DEVICES3. Figures in the Soil4. Health and Safety and the Politics of Safe Living5. Corruption and Public WorksPART III. THE MODERN STATE: PROMISE AND DEFERRAL6. Impossible Publics7. Conclusions: Inauguration, Engineering, and the Politics of Infrastructural FormNotesReferencesIndex

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