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A World of Work

Imagined Manuals for Real Jobs
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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a street magician in Paris? A fish farmer in Norway? A costume designer in Bollywood? This playful and accessible look at different types of work around the world delivers a wealth of information and advice about a wide array of jobs and professions. The value of this book is twofold: For young people or middle-aged people who are undecided about their career paths and feel constrained in their choices, A World of Work offers an expansive vision. For ethnographers, this book offers an excellent example of using the practical details of everyday life to shed light on larger structural issues.
Introductionby Ilana Gershon1. Letter to a Young Malawian Doctorby Claire Wendland and Chiwoza Bandawe2. What You Need to Know to Be a Fish Farmer in West Norwayby Marianne Elisabeth Lien and John Law3. How to Be a Magician in Parisby Graham M. Jones with Loïc Marquet4. Being a Village Court Magistrate in Papua New Guineaby Melissa Demian5. The Chaplain: Being a Physician of the Soul in a Secular Ageby Winnifred Fallers Sullivan and Christopher Swift6. Being a Crime Scene Technician in Swedenby Corinna Kruse7. Playing Piano without a Piano in Boliviaby Michelle Bigenho8. Making Do in Perpetual Crisis: How to Be a Journalist in Buryatiaby Kathryn E. Graber9. How to Be a Professional Organizer in the United Statesby Carrie M. Lane10. The Character in Question: How to Design Film Costumes in Indiaby Lovleen Bains and Clare Wilkinson11. Reflections from a Life on the Line: How to Be a Factory Workerby Caitrin Lynch and Warren Chamberlain12. How to Be a Cell Phone Repair Technicianby Amanda Kemble, Briel Kobak, Joshua A. Bell, and Joel Kuipers13. Becoming a Professional Wrestler in Mexico Cityby Heather Levi14. The Pains and Peaks of Being a Ballerina in Londonby Helena WulffAfterwordby Jean LaveList of ContributorsIndex

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