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Under the Surface

Fracking, Fortunes, and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale
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In Under the Surface, Tom Wilber weaves a narrative tracing the consequences of shale gas development in northeast Pennsylvania and central New York through the perspective of various stakeholders. Wilber's evenhanded treatment explains how the revolutionary process of fracking has changed both access to our domestic energy reserves and the lives of people living over them. He gives a voice to all constituencies, including farmers and landowners tempted by the prospects of wealth but wary of the consequences; policymakers struggling with divisive issues concerning free enterprise, ecology, and public health; and activists coordinating campaigns based on their respective visions of economic salvation and environmental ruin.
Prologue: Cracks in the Rock1. An Agent of Dreams2. Coming Together3. Gas Rush4. Figures, Facts, and Information5. Accidental Activists6. The Division7. Superior ForcesEpilogue: Back on Carter Road

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