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Imagining Religious Leadership in the Middle Ages

Richard of Saint-Vanne and the Politics of Reform
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Around the turn of the first millennium AD, there emerged in the former Carolingian Empire a generation of abbots that came to be remembered as one of the most influential in the history of Western monasticism. In this book Steven Vanderputten reevaluates the historical significance of this generation of monastic leaders through an in-depth study of one of its most prominent figures, Richard of Saint-Vanne. During his lifetime, Richard (d. 1046) served as abbot of numerous monasteries, which gained him a reputation as a highly successful administrator and reformer of monastic discipline. As Vanderputten shows, however, a more complex view of Richard's career, spirituality, and motivations enables us to better evaluate his achievements as church leader and reformer.
Introduction1. Imagining Richard in Medieval and Modern Historiography2. Ecclesiastical Office, Religious Virtuosity, and the Apostolic Imperative3. Imagining Saint-Vanne4. "Founder and Head of Many Monasteries"5. Converting the WorldConclusionAppendix A: Chronology of Major Events in Richard's LifeAppendix B: The Life of RodingAppendix C: Monastic Reading at Saint-VanneAppendix D: Overview of Richard's Abbacies Outside of Saint-VanneAppendix E: Overview of Richard's "Priors"Appendix F: Overview of Richard's SuccessorsBibliographyIndex

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