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War, States, and Contention

A Comparative Historical Study
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For the last two decades, Sidney Tarrow has explored "contentious politics"-disruptions of the settled political order caused by social movements. These disruptions range from strikes and street protests to riots and civil disobedience to revolution. In War, States, and Contention, Tarrow shows how such movements sometimes trigger, animate, and guide the course of war and how they sometimes rise during war and in war's wake to change regimes or even overthrow states. Tarrow draws on evidence from historical and contemporary cases, including revolutionary France, the United States from the Civil War to the anti-Vietnam War movement, Italy after World War I, and the United States during the decade following 9/11.
Introduction1. Studying War, States, and ContentionPart 1. War and Movements in the Building of New States2. A Movement-State Goes to War: France, 1789-17993. A Movement Makes War: Civil War and Reconstruction4. A War Makes Movements: The Strange Death of Illiberal ItalyPart 2. Endless Wars5. From Statist to Composite Wars6. Wars at Home, 1917-19757. The War at Home, 2001-20138. The American State of Terror9. Contesting HegemonyPart 3. Internationalization and the New World of Contention10. The Dark Side of InternationalismConclusionsNotesReferencesAcknowledgmentsIndex

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