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Handbook of Larval Amphibians of the United States and Canada

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Generously illustrated, this essential handbook for herpetologists, ecologists, and naturalists features comprehensive keys to eggs, embryos, salamander larvae, and tadpoles; species accounts; a glossary of terms; and an extensive bibliography. The taxonomic accounts include a summarization of the morphology and basic natural history, as well as an introduction to published information for each species. Tadpole mouthparts exhibit major characteristics used in identifications, and the book includes illustrations for a number of species. Color photographs of larvae of many species are also presented.
Foreword by Aaron BauerPrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroductionBackground and Scope1. The Amphibian FaunaSalamanders, Newts, and WaterdogsFrogs and Toads2. The Amphibian Life CycleDevelopmental CategoriesEggsKey to EggsEmbryos and HatchlingsKey to Embryos and HatchlingsLarvae3. Order Caudata: Salamanders and RelativesKey to Larval and Larviform SalamandersTaxonomic AccountsAmbystomatidae (Mole and Giant Salamanders)Amphiumidae (Amphiumas)Cryptobranchidae (Hellbenders)Plethodontidae (Lungless Salamanders)Proteidae (Mudpuppy and Waterdogs)Rhyacotritonidae (Torrent Salamanders)Salamandridae (Newts)Sirenidae (Dwarf Sirens and Sirens)4. Order Anura: Frogs and ToadsKey to TadpolesTaxonomic AccountsBufonidae (Toads)Dendrobatidae (Dart-poison Frogs)Hylidae (Treefrogs and relatives)Leiopelmatidae (Tailed Frogs)Leptodactylidae (White-lipped Frogs)Microhylidae (Small-mouthed Toads and Sheep Frog)Pipidae (Tongueless Frogs)Ranidae (True Frogs)Rhinophrynidae (Burrowing Toad)Scaphiopodidae (Spadefoots)GlossaryLiterature CitedIndex of Common NamesIndex of Scientific Names

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