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Chinese Workers in Comparative Perspective

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As the "world's factory" China exerts an enormous pressure on workers around the world. Many nations have had to adjust to a new global political and economic reality, and so has China. Its workers and its official trade union federation have had to contend with rapid changes in industrial relations. Anita Chan argues that Chinese labor is too often viewed from a prism of exceptionalism and too rarely examined comparatively, even though valuable insights can be derived by analyzing China's workforce and labor relations side by side with the systems of other nations.
Introduction: The Fallacy of Chinese Exceptionalismby Anita ChanPart I. Historical and Structural Developments1. Exporting Corporatism? German and Japanese Transnationals' Regimes of Production in Chinaby Boy Lüthje2. Globalization and Labor in China and the United States: Convergence and Divergenceby Mingwei Liu, Frederick Scott Bentley, Mary Huong Thi Evans, and Susan J. SchurmanPart II. Labor Standards3. Recomposing Chinese Migrant and State-Sector Workersby Kevin Lin4. Industrial Upgrading and Work: The Impact of Industrial Transformation on Labor in Guangdong's Garment and IT Industriesby Florian Butollo5. The Working and Living Conditions of Garment Workers in China and Vietnam: A Comparative Studyby Kaxton Siu6. Race to the Bottom: The Soccer Ball Industry in China, Pakistan, and Indiaby Anita Chan, Hong Xue, Peter Lund-Thomsen, Khalid Nadvi, and Navjote KharaPart III. Trade Unions, Collective Bargaining, and the Right to Strike7. Labor NGOs under State Corporatism: Comparing China since the 1990s with Taiwan in the 1980sby Chris King-chi Chan and Yu-bin Chiu8. One Step Forward: Collective Bargaining Experiments in Vietnam and Chinaby Katie Quan9. Creating a Right to Strike in China: Some Lessons from the Australian Experienceby Thomas Nice and Sean Cooney10. Trade Union Reform in Russia and China: Harmony, Partnership, and Power from Belowby Tim PringleNotesContributorsIndex

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