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Empire's Twin

U.S. Anti-imperialism from the Founding Era to the Age of Terrorism
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Ian Tyrrell
The United States in the World Cornell University Press
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Introductionby Ian Tyrrell and Jay SextonPart I. Conquest and Anticolonialism in the Nineteenth Century1. Imperialism and Nationalism in the Early American Republicby Peter S. Onuf2. Native Americans against Empire and Colonial Ruleby Jeffrey Ostler3. "The Imperialism of the Declaration of Independence" in the Civil War Eraby Jay SextonPart II. Anti-Imperialism and the New American Empire4. Anti-imperialism in the U.S. Territories after 1898by Julian Go5. U.S. Anti-imperialism and the Mexican Revolutionby Alan Knight6. Anti-imperialism, Missionary Work, and the King-Crane Commissionby Ussama MakdisiPart III. The Extent and Limits of Anti-Imperialism7. Global Anti-imperialism in the Age of Wilsonby Erez Manela8. Feminist Historiography, Anti-imperialism, and the Decolonialby Patricia A. Schechter9. Resource Use, Conservation, and the Environmental Limits of Anti-imperialism, c. 1890-1930by Ian TyrrellPart IV. Anti-Imperialism in the Age of American Power10. Promoting American Anti-imperialism in the Early Cold Warby Laura A. Belmonte11. Ruling-Class Anti-imperialism in the Era of the Vietnam Warby Robert Buzzanco12. Whither American Anti-imperialism in a Postcolonial World?by Ian Tyrrell and Jay SextonNotesContributorsIndex
Across the course of American history, imperialism and anti-imperialism have been awkwardly paired as influences on the politics, culture, and diplomacy of the United States. The Declaration of Independence, after all, is an anti-imperial document, cataloguing the sins of the metropolitan government against the colonies. With the Revolution, and again in 1812, the nation stood against the most powerful empire in the world and declared itself independent. As noted by Ian Tyrrell and Jay Sexton, however, American "anti-imperialism was clearly selective, geographically, racially, and constitutionally." Empire's Twin broadens our conception of anti-imperialist actors, ideas, and actions; it charts this story across the range of American history, from the Revolution to our own era; and it opens up the transnational and global dimensions of American anti-imperialism.

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