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Monarchs in a Changing World

Biology and Conservation of an Iconic Butterfly
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Karen S. Oberhauser
Comstock Publishing Associates
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Part One. Model Programs for Citizen Science, Education, and Conservation: An OverviewKaren S. Oberhauser1. Environmental Education and Monarchs: Reaching across Disciplines, Generations, and NationsElisabeth Young-Isebrand, Karen S. Oberhauser, Kim Bailey, Sonya Charest, Brian Hayes, Elizabeth Howard, Jim Lovett, Susan Meyers, Erik Mollenhauer, Eneida B. Montesiños-Patino, Ann Ryan, Orley R. Taylor, and Rocío Treviño2. Contributions to Monarch Biology and Conservation through Citizen Science: Seventy Years and CountingKaren S. Oberhauser, Leslie Ries, Sonia Altizer, Rebecca V. Batalden, Janet Kudell-Ekstrum, Mark Garland, Elizabeth Howard, Sarina Jepsen, Jim Lovett, Mía Monroe, Gail Morris, Eduardo Rendón-Salinas, Richard G. RuBino, Ann Ryan, Orley R. Taylor, Rocío Treviño, Francis X. Villablanca, and Dick Walton3. Monarch Habitat Conservation across North America: Past Progress and Future NeedsPriya C. Shahani, Guadalupe del Río Pesado, Phil Schappert, and Eligio García SerranoPart Two. Monarchs as Herbivores, Prey, and Hosts: An OverviewJacobus C. de Roode4. Macroevolutionary Trends in the Defense of Milkweeds against Monarchs: Latex, Cardenolides, and Tolerance of HerbivoryAnurag A. Agrawal, Jared G. Ali, Sergio Rasmann, and Mark Fishbein5. Invertebrate Natural Enemies and Stage-Specific Mortality Rates of Monarch Eggs and LarvaeAlma De Anda and Karen S. Oberhauser6. Lacewings, Wasps, and Flies-Oh My: Insect Enemies Take a Bite out of MonarchsKaren S. Oberhauser, Michael Anderson, Sophia Anderson, Wendy Caldwell, Alma De Anda, Mark Hunter, Matthew C. Kaiser, and Michelle J. Solensky7. Monarchs and Their Debilitating Parasites: Immunity, Migration, and Medicinal Plant UseSonia Altizer and Jacobus C. de RoodePart Three. Monarchs in a Changing Climate: An OverviewKelly R. Nail and Karen S. Oberhauser8. What's Too Hot and What's Too Cold? Lethal and Sublethal Effects of Extreme Temperatures on Developing MonarchsKelly R. Nail, Rebecca V. Batalden, and Karen S. Oberhauser9. Microclimatic Protection of Overwintering Monarchs Provided by Mexico's High-Elevation Oyamel Fir Forests: A ReviewErnest H. Williams and Lincoln P. Brower10. Effect of the 2010-2011 Drought on the Lipid Content of Monarchs Migrating through Texas to Overwintering Sites in MexicoLincoln P. Brower, Linda S. Fink, Ridlon J. Kiphart, Victoria Pocius, Raúl R. Zubieta, and M. Isabel Ramírez11. Estimating the Climate Signal in Monarch Population Decline: No Direct Evidence for an Impact of Climate Change?Myron P. Zalucki, Lincoln P. Brower, Stephen B. Malcolm, and Benjamin H. SlagerPart Four. Conserving North American Monarch Butterflies: An OverviewLincoln P. Brower and Linda S. Fink12. Understanding and Conserving the Western North American Monarch PopulationSarina Jepsen and Scott Hoffman Black13. Threats to the Availability of Overwintering Habitat in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve: Land Use and Climate ChangeM. Isabel Ramírez, Cuauhtémoc Sáenz-Romero, Gerald Rehfeldt, and Lidia Salas-Canela14. Monarch Butterflies and AgricultureJohn M. Pleasants15. Fires and Fire Management in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere ReserveHéctor Martínez-Torres, Mariana Cantú-Fernández, M. Isabel Ramírez, and Diego R. Pérez-Salicrup16. Project Milkweed: A Strategy for Monarch Habitat ConservationBrianna Borders and Eric Lee-Mäder17. Grassland and Roadside Management Practices Affect Milkweed Abundance and Opportunities for Monarch RecruitmentKristen A. Baum and Elisha K. MuellerPart Five. New Perspectives on Monarch Migration, Evolution, and Population Biology: An OverviewAndrew K. Davis and Sonia Altizer18. Tracking the Fall Migration of Eastern Monarchs with Journey North Roost Sightings: New Findings about the Pace of Fall MigrationElizabeth Howard and Andrew K. Davis19. Potential Changes in Eastern North American Monarch Migration in Response to an Introduced Milkweed, Asclepias curassavicaRebecca V. Batalden and Karen S. Oberhauser20. Migration and Host Plant Use by the Southern Monarch, Danaus erippusStephen B. Malcolm and Benjamin H. Slager21. Monarchs in the Mist: New Perspectives on Monarch Distribution in the Pacific NorthwestRobert Michael Pyle22. Monarchs across the Atlantic Ocean: What's Happening on the Other Shore?Juan Fernández-Haeger, Diego Jordano, and Myron P. Zalucki23. Unraveling the Mysteries of Monarch Migration and Global Dispersal through Molecular Genetic TechniquesAmanda A. Pierce, Sonia Altizer, Nicola L. Chamberlain, Marcus R. Kronforst, and Jacobus C. de Roode24. Connecting Eastern Monarch Population Dynamics across Their Migratory CycleLeslie Ries, Douglas J. Taron, Eduardo Rendón-Salinas, and Karen S. OberhauserReferencesContributorsIndex
Monarch butterflies are among the most popular insect species in the world and are an icon for conservation groups and environmental education programs. Monarch caterpillars and adults are easily recognizable as welcome visitors to gardens in North America and beyond, and their spectacular migration in eastern North America (from breeding locations in Canada and the United States to overwintering sites in Mexico) has captured the imagination of the public.

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