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The Familiar Made Strange

American Icons and Artifacts after the Transnational Turn
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Brooke L. Blower
Cornell University Press
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Introductionby Brooke L. Blower and Mark Philip Bradley1. Watson and the Sharkby Brian DeLay2. "Oh! Susanna"by Brian Rouleau3. "Mary Lyon, Massachusetts"by Mary A. Renda4. William Howard Taft's Drawersby Andrew J. Rotter5. Josephine Baker's Banana Skirtby Matthew Pratt Guterl6. V-J Day, 1945, Times Squareby Brooke L. Blower7. The Kinsey Reportsby Naoko Shibusawa8. The Quiet Americanby Fredrik Logevall9. That Touch of Minkby Nick Cullather10. The Immigration Reform Act of 1965by Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof11. President Jimmy Carter's Inaugural Addressby Mark Philip BradleyConclusionby Daniel T. RodgersNotesContributorsIndex
In The Familiar Made Strange, twelve distinguished historians offer original and playful readings of American icons and artifacts that cut across rather than stop at the nation's borders to model new interpretive approaches to studying United States history. These leading practitioners of the "transnational turn" pause to consider such famous icons as John Singleton Copley's painting Watson and the Shark, Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph V-J Day, 1945, Times Square, and Alfred Kinsey's reports on sexual behavior, as well as more surprising but revealing artifacts like Josephine Baker's banana skirt and William Howard Taft's underpants. Together, they present a road map to the varying scales, angles and methods of transnational analysis that shed light on American politics, empire, gender, and the operation of power in everyday life.

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