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A Factious People

Politics and Society in Colonial New York
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Patricia U. Bonomi
Cornell University Press
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First published in 1971 and long out of print, this classic account of Colonial-era New York chronicles how the state was buffeted by political and sectional rivalries and by conflict arising from a wide diversity of ethnic and religious identities. New York's highly volatile and contentious political life, Patricia U. Bonomi shows, gave rise to several interest groups for whose support political leaders had to compete, resulting in new levels of democratic participation.
I. Some Problems in Colonial New York History1. Carl Becker's View of Colonial New York2. The New York "Aristocracy": A Problem of Definition3. Political Factionalism: A "Divided" and "Contentious" People4. "As the twig is bent..."5. "Who should rule at home?"II. Settlement and Expansion1. "A mixture of Nations"2. Local Government: A Random Growth3. The "City-State" of Albany4. The "Albany Spirit"III. Economic Interests and Political Contentions1. The Merchant Interest2. The Landed Interest3. The Backdrop: The Leislerian Upheaval-Fiscal Policies4. Politics and Governor Hunter: 1710-17195. Politics and Governor Burnet: 1720-17276. Shifting Patterns: 1728-1731IV. The Morris-Cosby Dispute: A Political and Constitutional Crisis1. The Resurgence of Parties: Governor Cosby and the Van Dam Affair2. A Twofold Strategy: The Founding of Zenger's New-York Weekly Journal; the WestchesterElection of 17333. A Flanking Maneuver: Lewis Morris in London; Petitions in New York4. A Crisis of Identity in the MakingV. James DeLancey, Anglo-American: The Politics of New York at Mid-Century1. Building an Anglo-American "Interest"2. James DeLancey versus Governor George Clinton3. Governor Clinton Builds a Party: 1748-17524. Henry Beekman and the Politics of Dutchess County5. James DeLancey Becomes Acting Governor of New YorkVI. New York's Land System: Problems and Opportunities1. Problems of Interpretation and Definition2. Legal and Economic Aspects of the Great Patents3. A Favorable View of Tenancy4. The Causes of Agrarian Unrest5. A "Drove of Banditt Rovers"6. The Riots of 17667. Some ConsiderationsVII. Politics, The "Universal Topick": 1765-1770I. The Parties Take Shape2. On Party Labels3. The Election of 17684. Party Conflicts in the Assembly: 17685. The Election of 17696. Assembly Maneuvers: 17697. Alexander McDougall and "the grand Cause of America"VIII. Ideology and Politics: A Concluding NoteAppendix A: GenealogiesAppendix B: English Governors of New YorkAppendix C: Representatives in the Colonial AssemblyAppendix D: Council of the Colony of New YorkBibliographyIndex

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