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Heresy and the Politics of Community

The Jews of the Fatimid Caliphate
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Marina Rustow
Conjunctions of Religion and Power in the Medieval Past Cornell University Press
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In a book with a bold new view of medieval Jewish history, written in a style accessible to nonspecialists and students as well as to scholars in the field, Marina Rustow changes our understanding of the origins and nature of heresy itself. Scholars have long believed that the Rabbanites and Qaraites, the two major Jewish groups under Islamic rule, split decisively in the tenth century and from that time forward the minority Qaraites were deemed a heretical sect. Qaraites affirmed a right to decide matters of Jewish law free from centuries of rabbinic interpretation; the Rabbanites, in turn, claimed an unbroken chain of scholarly tradition.
IntroductionAbbreviationsPart I: The Shape of the Jewish Community1. The Tripartite Community2. Jewish Book Culture in the Tenth Century3. The Limits of Communal AutonomyPart II: Rabbanites, Qaraites, and the Politics of Leadership4. Qaraites and the Politics of Powerlessness5. "Nothing but Kindness, Benefi t, and Loyalty": Qaraites and the Ge'onim of Baghdad6. "Under the Authority of God and All Israel": Qaraites and the Ge'onim of Jerusalem7. "Glory of the Two Parties": Petitions to Qaraite Courtiers8. The Affair of the Ban of Excommunication in 1029Part III: Scholastic Loyalty and Its Limits9. Rabbanite-Qaraite Marriages10. In the Courts: Legal ReciprocityPart IV: The Origins of Territorial Governance11. Avignon in Ramla: The Schism of 1038-4212. The Tripartite Community and the First CrusadeEpilogue: Toward a History of Jewish HeresyGlossaryGuide to Places and PeopleManuscript SourcesBibliographyIndex

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