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Dictators at War and Peace

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Jessica L. P. Weeks
Cornell Studies in Security Affairs Cornell University Press
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Why do some autocratic leaders pursue aggressive or expansionist foreign policies, while others are much more cautious in their use of military force? The first book to focus systematically on the foreign policy of different types of authoritarian regimes, Dictators at War and Peace breaks new ground in our understanding of the international behavior of dictators.
Introduction1. Authoritarian Regimes and the Domestic Politics of War and PeaceAudiences, Preferences, and Decisions about WarHypotheses, Implications, and Cases2. Initiating International ConflictMeasuring Authoritarian Regime TypeModeling the Initiation of International ConflictResults3. Winners, Losers, and SurvivalSelecting WarsWar Outcomes in the Past CenturyOutcomes of Militarized Interstate Disputes, 1946-2000The Consequences of Defeat4. Personalist Dictators: Shooting from the HipSaddam Hussein and the 1990 Invasion of KuwaitJosef Stalin: A Powerful but Loose Cannon5. Juntas: Using the Only Language They UnderstandArgentina and the Falklands/Malvinas WarJapan's Road to World War II6. Machines: Looking Before They LeapThe North Vietnamese Wars against the US, South Vietnam, and CambodiaThe Soviet Union in the Post-Stalin EraConclusion: Dictatorship, War, and PeaceAppendixNotesWorks CitedIndex

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