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The Government Next Door

Neighborhood Politics in Urban China
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Luigi Tomba
Cornell University Press
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Chinese residential communities are places of intense governing and an arena of active political engagement between state and society. In The Government Next Door, Luigi Tomba investigates how the goals of a government consolidated in a distant authority materialize in citizens' everyday lives. Chinese neighborhoods reveal much about the changing nature of governing practices in the country. Government action is driven by the need to preserve social and political stability, but such priorities must adapt to the progressive privatization of urban residential space and an increasingly complex set of societal forces. Tomba's vivid ethnographic accounts of neighborhood life and politics in Beijing, Shenyang, and Chengdu depict how such local "translation" of government priorities takes place.
Introduction: The Neighborhood Consensus1. Social Clustering: Neighborhoods and the Governing of Social Distinction2. Micro-Governing the Urban Crisis3. Housing and Social Engineering4. Contained Contention: Interests, Places, Community, and the State5. A Contagious Civilization: Community, Exemplarism, and SuzhiConclusion: Arenas of Contention and AccommodationNotesBibliographyIndex

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