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American Biodefense

How Dangerous Ideas about Biological Weapons Shape National Security
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Frank Smith
Cornell Studies in Security Affairs Cornell University Press
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Biological weapons have threatened U.S. national security since at least World War II. Historically, however, the U.S. military has neglected research, development, acquisition, and doctrine for biodefense. Following September 11 and the anthrax letters of 2001, the United States started spending billions of dollars per year on medical countermeasures and biological detection systems. But most of this funding now comes from the Department of Health and Human Services rather than the Department of Defense. Why has the U.S. military neglected biodefense and allowed civilian organizations to take the lead in defending the country against biological attacks? In American Biodefense, Frank L. Smith III addresses this puzzling and largely untold story about science, technology, and national security.
Introduction. American Biodefense, from Boston to Baghdad1. Science and Technology for National Security: Threats, Interests, and Ideas2. Stereotypical Neglect of Military Research, Development, and Acquisition for Biodefense3. Fatal Assumptions: Military Doctrine4. An Unlikely Sponsor? The Rise of Civilian BiodefenseConclusion. Biodefense and Beyond: The Influence of Ideas on National SecurityNotesIndex

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